About Therapy:

Over the last few decades, I have worked with a great variety of clients and challenges, specializing in working one-on-one with people who have:

- Gambling addictions: sports, horse racing, fantasy football and baseball, poker, casino games, etc.

- Substance abuse and addiction

- Co-Occurring Disorders*

- Challenges related to being a veteran / currently enlisted

- ACOA (Adult children of Alcoholics) or any other drug

- PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

- Need for Family Counseling or Parenting Guidance

Everyone's needs and situations are a little bit different, so no one can say exactly what your therapy will be like, but most sessions are one-on-one "talk therapy." This, though, can take many different forms. At one point, it might be working through problems that are happening right now, figuring out plans for the future, skill building so that you'll have more tools to work with, or any number of other possibilities.


Co-Occurring is when a client has one or more disorders, relating to the use of alcohol and/or other drugs abuse as well as one or more mental health diagnosis.