Personal Statement:

First, let me thank you for visiting my site, and congratulate you on taking this step towards feeling better. It can be really hard looking through websites, trying to figure who would be good to work with while trying to handle life problems at the same time. Since it's so important to find a therapist that you click with I wanted to let you know how I usually work with people: 

When I first meet an individual, I work with them to get a feel for where they're at in their life. Together, we uncover an individual's positive qualities buried by the pain of addiction, abuse or trauma and use these discoveries as stepping stones for recovery and growth. Togther, we use these positive qualities to build confidence and strength so life challenges can be over.

People say I'm as gentle as a deer, and also that I hang on through the tough times like a pit bull. Through active listening I gently guide people to develop their potential.  I'll be there with you when the road to recovery is rough. First and foremost I always listen to what is going on in the present moment of your life; always determined to help you find the inner strength to make life's next moment a better one.

If it sounds like we may be a good match to work together, please feel free to call or email me today for an individual or family therapy consultation.

-Joan Cybulski